Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is pretty interesting. You can add a forum, called (cute!) into your blog post (or any web page) in seconds. And it's free. I'm not sure how it would really be different than commenting on a blog, but the developers are working on a way to integrate a forum into your Facebook page. Now, that would really be something interesting! Check it out, HERE.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

What do you think about pre-employment drug testing? Now that I'm looking for a job, it's become an issue. I don't do anything illegal, but I have a valid prescription that I can't take in case I have to go for a drug test.

Do you think it's an invasion of privacy? Does your prospective employer have a right to know all of your medical conditions and make a hiring decision based on that? Since Florida is a "right to work" state (I never understood the phrasing of that), an employer can make a hiring or firing decision based on anything, even the color of your hair. What if they are afraid their insurance rates will go up, so won't hire me due to my illness?

Besides, every kid doing illegal drugs knows how to scam the tests. I have heard of everything from cleansing kits to fake urine (!) that these kids buy before they take a test. So what good do the tests do anyway?