Sunday, September 25, 2005

Still here!

I know I said I would blog from here, but for some reason, I´ve had a hard time getting connected to Blogspot. Anyway, I´m on it now.

This has been a very relaxing vacation. I only have two days left, and I don´t want to come home! I wish I would win the lottery and just be able to come here whenever I want and stay as long as I feel like. sigh. Wouldn´t everyone love to do that though? ;-) Well, only about 20 years left until retirement...

I did see some of the news about Hurricane Rita. I can´t believe those poor people from New Orleans! First they get evacuated to Houston, then they have to be evacuated from there! I think I read that they are somewhere in Arkansas now? And who knows when they will ever be able to go home? Or to what is left of their home. If I didn´t already have a more-than-full house, I´d offer one of my rooms to somebody.

Only four more named storms to go, and then we´ve used up the alphabet this year! I think they begin using the greek names of the alphabet letters afterwards if that happens, starting with alpha. That´s a lot of storms!

OK, I´ll be home Wednesday night. If I don´t procrastinate, maybe I can get some vacation pics up here by the weekend.


P.S. The entire Blogspot website is in spanish when I go to it from here. How funny! I´m going to exactly the same web address as I do from home.

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