Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Aiiii ! I'm too old for this!

Now, don't get me wrong here, I love my grand-daughter very, very much. I think I'm just too old to have the energy for her by myself.

Tara was at school the other night, so I was babysitting Ava. Everything was just peachy, until Ava got hungry. Then she got cranky and started crying. So, I got up to get her dinner. She started crying so loud that it was painful to my ears, so I picked her up.

Just imagine trying to heat up food and make a bottle, and hold a baby, all at the same time, while the cat is meowing loudly and winding herself around my legs the whole time. Well, the cat can wait for her food, but it's difficult to walk with her under my feet under any circumstances, let alone while holding Ava.

Tara said it's not my age, that she gets flustered sometimes too, but I suspect she was just trying to make me feel better.

I need an energy boost!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tic Tac Toe

Hmmmm...all the title words in my last two blogs start with T. Wonder if that means anything?

HAHA, I read way too much into everything. But that's a topic for another day.

Anyway, I was in the bathroom at the local deli (seems I get all my blog ideas in the bathroom too. Wonder what THAT means?) and I saw a Tic-Tac-Toe game scratched into one of the tiles on the wall. So, I started thinking, is T-T-T really a fair game? I did every scenario I could think of in my head, and the conclusion is NO, it's not a fair game. The first person who goes will always win, no matter where the second person goes. This is provided that the first person knows how to play, of course. Tara didn't believe me, so we played about 20 games and I made a believer out of her. I think one game was a draw, but that was because I went in the square she told me to go in, instead of the one I wanted to.

So, if you're with a friend and need to while away some time, play dots. ;)


Monday, February 21, 2005

Toilet talk

Sorry, not to be crude here, but I just noticed something. (This is the wierd kind of stuff I think about...)

I was on the toilet, and I guess having nowhere else to look, I looked down, and saw that the back-band of my underwear said "size six". Well, it just so happens that my ring size, on the fourth finger, the ring finger, also happens to be size WONDER...

Is every woman's underwear size the same as her ring size?

Click on the word 'comment' below to leave your answer. I'm really curious about this now.


Sunday, February 20, 2005


Oh, gosh, all of us here have that stupid flu that's going around. There has been more coughing, sneezing and nose-blowing going on in this house than I can say!

So, last night, I had Ava on the bed with me, and she crawls over to my tissue, picks it up, holds it by her nose and pretends to sneeze...hehe! It was funny. Pretty smart for a six-month old, huh?

Now if only she would learn to hold her own bottle....the little stinker...



OK, I know I said I was turning off the computer, but I just wanted to say one more thing.

Watched the movie Memento tonight. Boy, did that remind me of myself! I also have little notes everywhere reminding me to do stuff. At least they're not tattooed on me! Actually, that guy's situation was MUCH worse than mine, so I should feel lucky, right? Who cares if I have to check every drawer in the morning before I find the one my socks are in? And my memory loss is supposed to be temporary, unlike his. Let's please hope that is true!

It makes for some funny moments, but it makes for some frustrating ones too, and I can tell that my family is getting frustrated as well, having to answer the same questions over and over. Today my daughter had to remind me what I got her for Christmas. I hope I still remember by tomorrow. (Repeat after me...high chair, high chair, high chair...)

Will blog again soon!


Just one click........

That's all it takes, is just one click.

That's how I started last night, then I saw an interesting link on the page, so I clicked it, then I saw another one, and clicked it, and on and on.

Before I knew it, it was 6:00 in the morning and the sun was coming up. You can just go on forever! I'm sure you've all done it before...

Well, it's 1:15 AM now, so I'm just going to publish this blog, and then force myself to turn off the computer and go to bed. Ha, ha.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dont'cha just love these kids?

I visit Mexico a lot, and my favorite town so far is Buenavista. It's a small town where everyone knows everyone else, and every person I've met there has treated me as if I were part of their own family. My 'brother' there took me to visit a school for retarded kids, and I don't know who had more fun every time we went, me or them. The name of it is CAM (Centro de Atención Múltiple). I've decided to adopt them, and next time I go down there I am going loaded with school supplies. I've gotten some of the stores here to donate, but I will take anything I can.

So, if any of my readers feel like donating anything, they could use crayons, pencils, calculators, paper, childrens books to learn english with, or anything else you could think a children's school could use. I can bring a receipt back for anybody who wants one. If you want to call me and discuss their needs, my cell number is 561-271-1639. If you'd like to e-mail me, my address is

Since I'm out of work anyway, I'll probably take a trip down there end of March, beginning of April. Please help, these kids could use it. Here are some pics of the kids and the school...

Please read through to the end, and comment if you will.

Here is a copy of my post from the first day I met them last year....Gabriel is a friend of mine who lives there. This is dated 11-05-04.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Gabriel volunteers a few times a week at a small school here for mentally and pysically handicapped children. (Is that today's politically-correct term? I hope so)

After school today four of us walked over there. It was the other student here, Padre Dennis; his teacher, Raquel; Gabriel; and I. It was too funny, when we arrived, one of the kids walks past us and yells to all the others, "¡Tienen muchachas!" They have girls! We were cracking up. I guess he doesn't bring too many guests there.

They were all having a meeting with the director of the school. He was giving the Padre a tour of the building, and I was snapping a few photos with my digital camera. One of the little boys started following me around, so I was letting him play with the camera. He was so thrilled with taking pictures and then looking at them in the little viewer. Then he started dragging me all over the school, making me take pictures of everything, so that he could look at the object and the picture of it at the same time. Before I knew it, I was mobbed with kids, asking me to take their pictures in various combinations and poses so they could see themselves in the viewer. They were all shrieking and howling with laughter, and shortly, I was too.

We were having so much fun that I didn't even notice when they all came out of the meeting, and then I realized they were standing around waiting for me so we could go home. oops!

I really didn't want to leave. All the kids gave me big hugs goodbye.

The director of the school invited me to come back next week and have lunch with the kids. I better not forget my camera!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
If you have gotten this far, the help I wanted is just to send me a few crayons or pencils, or any other school supplies. They could really use them! If you think you can help, call me at 561-271-1639. I can bring you back a receipt if you want one. I'll be going down there the end of March or beginning of April. I've gotten a few stores here to donate the stuff they couldn't sell and would have returned to the wholesaler. Please be a good doobie and help me out!

I had some pics of the kids and the school to add, but I can't remember how. So I'll post now as-is, and add the pics later when I figure it out.

I figured it out! Yay, yay!! Here are the pics...hope you like them...

The schoolroom Posted by Hello

2 of the kids. They are SO loving! Posted by Hello

Me, the director, and kids Posted by Hello


Why, why, why?

Why does it take so long for a blog to post on here? I wrote one 5 hours ago and it's still not showing yet. Unless I'm doing something wrong, which is more than likely...

Anyway, on to the next blog, where I ask for your help with something...


Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I just can't remember anything anymore! Today was my brother's birthday and I forgot (sorry Joe). Good thing my sister reminded me so I could call him!

Went to the doctor today. He says he's keeping me out of work another 60-90 days. Good in a way, because I can use the break from the stress, but the money really stinks! I'm only getting half my normal pay.

My boss is a jerk too. My daughter called him to let him know the doctor extended my sick leave, and he just said OK. Never even asked how I was. I've worked for the guy for 5 years, you'd think he'd care.

Tara gave me a little notebook to carry around, and now I'm writing everything down so I don't forget so many things. I can't even remember my own mother's phone number, or my own phone number for that matter.

Ah, well, got to go. We're going out for our Valentine's dinner tonight.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Valentines Day

Hope you all had a good V-Day. Mine was nothing special. My boyfriend is a waiter/bartender, so obviously he is working tonight. I got to babysit for my grand-daughter. Her other grandmother was supposed to do it, but at the last minute she changed her mind, so Tara brought Ava back over here. She's cute and all, but I like being able to hand her back when she gets cranky.

Anyway, I guess it turned out to be a good thing in a way, because when Tara dropped Ava off she reminded me to turn on 24. Good thing, because I would have totally forgotten to watch it! As it was, I was having a hard time following the story line because of this memory crap. I can't wait until my memory is back to normal!

Here's a picture of the little angel....sleeping, just the way I like her.

Ava sleeping Posted by Hello

And here is Ava in what I call 'The Wonder Walker'. Tara got it at Walmart, and it has more toys on it than I've ever seen attached to a walker!! She loves the thing!

Ava in the wonder walker Posted by Hello


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Welcome to Blogspot

Welcome and thanks to those of you who came over here from my other blog. Welcome also to any new readers who just happened to land here.

I hope you like what you see and visit often. I'm learning as I go, so please bear with me, I'm doing the best I can. I thought I knew some HTML, but I obviously do not know as much as I think I did. Luckily this site offers lessons, so let's see how quickly I can improve my talent. I still haven't figured out how to put smiley faces in my blog.

I hope you don't mind the advertisements, I tried to make them as unobtrusive as I could (with my limited HTML talent), but they offer me a small source of revenue. And who couldn't use an extra source of revenue? Especially right now, since I'm not working. I'll blog about that later.

Happy Sunday to all!


Friday, February 11, 2005

Well, this only took all day...

Posted by Hello Relaxing in Mexico

This is definitely not the easiest site in the world to use. Or maybe I'm just not the most educated web-user. (the more likely explanation)

All I was trying to do was add a picture to my profile. Somehow it ended up as a post instead. Then it took me three hours to figure out how to get it into my profile and another two hours to figure out how to edit the post, rather than creating a new post, to add text to it. I think I pretty much have the hang of it now. (well, I certainly hope so after working on it for 5 hours!)

Now I just have to figure out how to put smiley faces in here, but that will have to wait for another day. As impatient as I can be, I'm plain tired of messing around with it today. Anyway, now I'll have a ready-made subject for tomorrow. *smile*


Post number one...

OK, so I couldn't think of any other title.

I've been going through some medical procedures recently which have caused me to lose all my short term memory. They (the doctors) told me that was going to happen, but I was definitely not prepared for the extent of it. I couldn't even remember my own mother's phone number, I had to ask my daughter what it was. This is supposed to be temporary. I certainly hope that's true, because my job is based on my memory, so no memory=no job.

This is a really weird feeling. I can't remember any of my logins or passwords to any of the websites I go to. I had to create a new blog, because I can't get to my old one. I've gotten bills in the mail for things that I can't remember I ordered. I can't find any of my belongings, because I can't remember where I put them. I even lost $100 that someone gave me. Oh, well, my daughter says, look at the bright side, I'll be really happy when I find it someday. I can't even remember stuff I said or did 5 minutes ago. I probably wouldn't even remember I wrote this blog 10 minutes from now, except that I wrote myself a note so I can find it. The whole situation is very, very strange! Tara (my daughter) thinks I'm joking sometimes when I ask her to remind me of some things, but believe me, I'm not joking. I wish I was.

Well, that's that it for tonight. I was going to write about something else, but I forgot what... (Surprise, surprise...) I hope I remember tomorrow that I have a blog....heeheee.

Anyway, goodnight from the cat's meow. Maybe forgetting is a good thing; people tell me my voice has a happier lilt to it. So, life is good, right?

Abrazos y besos por todos!