Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I just can't remember anything anymore! Today was my brother's birthday and I forgot (sorry Joe). Good thing my sister reminded me so I could call him!

Went to the doctor today. He says he's keeping me out of work another 60-90 days. Good in a way, because I can use the break from the stress, but the money really stinks! I'm only getting half my normal pay.

My boss is a jerk too. My daughter called him to let him know the doctor extended my sick leave, and he just said OK. Never even asked how I was. I've worked for the guy for 5 years, you'd think he'd care.

Tara gave me a little notebook to carry around, and now I'm writing everything down so I don't forget so many things. I can't even remember my own mother's phone number, or my own phone number for that matter.

Ah, well, got to go. We're going out for our Valentine's dinner tonight.


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