Friday, February 11, 2005

Post number one...

OK, so I couldn't think of any other title.

I've been going through some medical procedures recently which have caused me to lose all my short term memory. They (the doctors) told me that was going to happen, but I was definitely not prepared for the extent of it. I couldn't even remember my own mother's phone number, I had to ask my daughter what it was. This is supposed to be temporary. I certainly hope that's true, because my job is based on my memory, so no memory=no job.

This is a really weird feeling. I can't remember any of my logins or passwords to any of the websites I go to. I had to create a new blog, because I can't get to my old one. I've gotten bills in the mail for things that I can't remember I ordered. I can't find any of my belongings, because I can't remember where I put them. I even lost $100 that someone gave me. Oh, well, my daughter says, look at the bright side, I'll be really happy when I find it someday. I can't even remember stuff I said or did 5 minutes ago. I probably wouldn't even remember I wrote this blog 10 minutes from now, except that I wrote myself a note so I can find it. The whole situation is very, very strange! Tara (my daughter) thinks I'm joking sometimes when I ask her to remind me of some things, but believe me, I'm not joking. I wish I was.

Well, that's that it for tonight. I was going to write about something else, but I forgot what... (Surprise, surprise...) I hope I remember tomorrow that I have a blog....heeheee.

Anyway, goodnight from the cat's meow. Maybe forgetting is a good thing; people tell me my voice has a happier lilt to it. So, life is good, right?

Abrazos y besos por todos!



PKD said...

We watched our friends - grow up together,
And we saw them - as they fell,
Some of them fell into Heaven,
Some of them fell into Hell.

Muriel said...

I can identify with you. I’m 27 with a very bad memory. I notice my memory going after I gave birth to my first child. Tip, start writing things down and keep a diary.
The good thing about this condition is that you can forget some of the bad things that have happened in your life. Also start taking more pictures of events so that you can remember the good times.

I am interested in online communities do you belong to one?

Cat said...

Oh, I do write things down. Then I forget where I put them...I do need to get a diary.

No, I don't belong to any online community. Is there one for people with memory loss?


Muriel said...

The good thing about blooger is that only the people who are interested or identify with you will post a comment, so in fact you are creating your own community. You have some beautiful pictures on your blooger. You sound like a really nice person.

Jos said...

Hi Cat,

Glad to see you blogging again. As for me, I will keep my old one, although I may start a new one there, so that I can really express myself. Just don't forget me, ok?