Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Aiiii ! I'm too old for this!

Now, don't get me wrong here, I love my grand-daughter very, very much. I think I'm just too old to have the energy for her by myself.

Tara was at school the other night, so I was babysitting Ava. Everything was just peachy, until Ava got hungry. Then she got cranky and started crying. So, I got up to get her dinner. She started crying so loud that it was painful to my ears, so I picked her up.

Just imagine trying to heat up food and make a bottle, and hold a baby, all at the same time, while the cat is meowing loudly and winding herself around my legs the whole time. Well, the cat can wait for her food, but it's difficult to walk with her under my feet under any circumstances, let alone while holding Ava.

Tara said it's not my age, that she gets flustered sometimes too, but I suspect she was just trying to make me feel better.

I need an energy boost!!!!!!


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