Monday, February 21, 2005

Toilet talk

Sorry, not to be crude here, but I just noticed something. (This is the wierd kind of stuff I think about...)

I was on the toilet, and I guess having nowhere else to look, I looked down, and saw that the back-band of my underwear said "size six". Well, it just so happens that my ring size, on the fourth finger, the ring finger, also happens to be size WONDER...

Is every woman's underwear size the same as her ring size?

Click on the word 'comment' below to leave your answer. I'm really curious about this now.



Kellye said...

That's an interesting thought. ;-)

My panties are a size 5.

My ring finger is a size 6 1/4.

You're so funny. I want to know how many people tell you it's the same! XOXO

Jos said...

Interesting. . .

acabeast said...

For men I think the size of their belly, divided by 3.1416(pie), multiplied by .707 is an exact size of their (*&^%%


Anonymous said...

Aca, you are TOO funny!