Thursday, June 08, 2006

this 'n that

Just a few small things today...

Some customer service stories

I had the worst customer service experience with YAHOO! today. Read about it on my bizcradle blog.

Tara had to call Transunion yesterday to correct some (a lot of!) incorrect entries on her credit bureau report. The rep, based in a location that he "isn't allowed to tell people", said she would have to call the "managerment" department. She tried to tell him there was no R in the word, but he couldn't understand what she was talking about. Outsourcing.....isn't it great?

This joke is on me. Of course, I blame the cell phone reception, my hearing is just fine. One of the yahoo reps was giving me her email address, which I heard as I thought it was kind of long, but since she was a call-center rep, I figured it was the address they used for reps "on the floor". I felt like an idiot when I realized it was yahoo_mail_support....the word was underscore, not onthefloor. LOL

Dancing Cactus update
As some of you know, I moved my retail store to another location in the mall. Well, I'm still not making a killing, but I've had sales every day since I moved! I really like my new location and think I will do much better there.

And in the news

Talk about "going to the dogs"..... at least this time it isn't a Floridian.


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Jos said...


I have to admit I almost fell off the chair from laughing so hard. I needed to read this entry today because I am just not having a good year. . .

"On the floor. . ." lol lol lol lol

Tu amiga,