Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's not that easy trying to find information about ALS. There are a lot of websites, but it's mostly the same basic information, almost the same exact words, over and over again.

Even the message boards aren't that great. Some of them just aren't very active, some of them are too broad so you only see a question or two about ALS, and most of the rest are filled only with posts such as "I felt a muscle twitch in my leg. Do I have ALS?" Not very helpful.

But I did find one great message board. If you know anyone with ALS, who cares for a person with ALS, or who has a friend or family member with ALS, send them to the ALS Forums for support. There's a wonderful group of people over there, all of whom have different outlooks to offer, and very much knowledge and support, with a huge helping of care and love thrown in. I haven't posted there yet, I'm still lurking, but from what I've seen, I know I'll be jumping right in one of these days.


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