Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I can't win for losing

Got a car registration form in the mail today. It said the prices are going up (WAY UP) to register the car, and if I do it right now online I can still get the old prices. Well, $56 for a two-year registration sounded much better than $70 for a one-year registration, so I immediately went to the website, signed in with MY social security number, and renewed for a two-year registration.

As soon as I finished, of course, I realized that I was holding Tara's registration renewal in my hand. I'd opened it by mistake. So, now I don't know whose registration I paid. I guess I will find out when the tags come in the mail.

Anyway, I thought I had paid Tara's, so I went downstairs and told her, and I said "When you get back from Seattle (she is going for 10 days to see MY baby) you can just give me the money." So, she gives me some talk to the hand bullshit and I come upstairs and cry.

I really hope I did my own registration, and she can pay the $70 for hers (or $142 for two years). If I did hers, I saved her a considerable amount of money, you'd think she'd be happy. But no, not her. I can't do shit correctly.


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