Thursday, July 01, 2010

My July 1st day

This is the story of my horrible, no good, very bad day.

I got a call early in the morning from this guy who wanted to buy some of my Dancing Cactus stuff that is still sitting around and he had to have it today, so I had to unpack everything and take pictures of the things I thought he might like and email them to him. My camera "broke" halfway through the photo session, but after a short temper tantrum, it magically fixed itself and I continued taking pics. They're a pain because you have to get the lighting just right or the product doesn't look good. I send him the email with pics and talk with him again so that I know exactly what types of things he's looking for.

Then I drive 45 minutes (with no AC in the car) to my stepsister's house to pick up some Dancing Cactus stuff she has stored for me, so I sort through all the stuff with her husband, take what I need and go to leave (Meanwhile, the customer-guy keeps calling me to see when he can come over because he really needs the stuff today and he lives pretty far away) and guess what? My car battery is dead. I get the car going and of course I have to drive it straight to Sears Automotive because I can't turn the car off or else it won't start again. They say it'll take an hour. OK, I'll wait. The one-hour job hasn't even been started yet after I've already been patiently sitting there for an hour, so I have to call the customer-guy and ask him if he can pick me up at Sears and take me home so we can do our transaction. He says OK (he must have thought I was such a flake) and I give him the directions, and right after that my cellphone battery dies. *sigh* The customer-guy gets to Sears and we go to my house and yippee! he buys $150 worth of stuff.

He brings me back to Sears and Tara comes along for the ride so that I can drive her to work, because surely by now they've had plenty of time to install a battery. But my car is still not ready, so Tara has to walk to work from Sears (about a half mile, but it's 90 degrees out there) and in addition she is very late for work after all this. Meantime my back is killing me from all the stooping and squatting and crawling around and driving, and I can barely walk. So I take a pain pill, but it didn't help much because I took it when I was already in too much pain.

Three hours after bringing my car in simply to change a battery Sears finally tells me it's ready (there goes $41 of the $150 that I made) and then they don't have change when I give them three twenties so the cashier has to go get change. I think he went to Iceland because he never comes back and the other cashier at the register just gives me one of my twenties back, very pleased to tell me that he is saving me a whole dollar. But what about the three hours of time you stole from me?

All I want to do is go home and lay in bed for awhile, but I stop at CVS to get a can of iced tea with that dollar I saved, and the lady in front of me is having a 20 minute fit with the cashier and the manager because her freakin' toilet paper is TOO THIN! Then don't buy the one-ply store brand, idiot. The lady behind me was laughing hysterically. I didn't find it quite that funny. I just wanted to pay for my tea and go home. Be alone for a few hours. In my bed.

I finally get home, and when I open up AOL the top news on the page says "Sagittarius, July is going to be a rocky month for you". Oh, yeah, ya think?!?!??? And today is only July 1st, I really can't wait to see what the rest of the month holds for me. Not that I really believe in horoscopes or anything, but it was just ironic.

I left a few things out (I mean, how much more rambling/ranting can I do?), but that was basically how my day went. How was YOUR day?


PS....and now I'm having trouble publishing this post. For some reason, when I look at it on the blog, the letters are teeny tiny. So, I set the font size to "large". Now I have two different size fonts in one post, even though all of it is set to the same size. I'm not messing with it anymore, that's the way it'll stay. I hope that I didn't make it look wierd on your computer. Oh, well, I'm going to sleep now. G'nite!

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