Saturday, June 15, 2013

My New Camera

I've been having a really hard time taking pictures of my beady projects. I was using an Olympus fe, and it just wasn't taking the quality of pictures that I wanted. Then when we were having our yard sale a couple of months ago, my daughter hauls out this camera that she wants to sell. It's a Nikon Coolpix 5400. Now, that's a camera!

Look at all the buttons on this thing:

Why has she been hiding this beauty and watching me struggle all the time with my photos? So, I asked her if I could have it instead of her selling it. She said "Sure!". I had to buy a battery charger for it, because she didn't have one and the battery was dead. I couldn't wait to try it out.

While I was waiting for the battery, I downloaded and read the entire manual. This camera has a lot of functions! As soon as the battery came, I charged it up and plopped it in the camera.

The first thing I noticed is that when you push the button to take a picture, it doesn't shake the camera at all. I use a tripod, but even with that, the Olympus button always moved the camera just a little bit. With the Nikon, it doesn't do that.

And look at this picture! This is the first picture I took with it, before I'd even really practiced very much with the camera. I didn't do any editing of the picture afterward, except to crop it to the shape I wanted.

Can you believe it? The color and clarity is wonderful! I may not even detest the job of photographing my beadwork anymore.

I'm really excited to play around some more with this camera and learn how to use all the functions.

If you take pictures for your business, what kind of camera do you use? Have you ever upgraded your camera and found that it made a difference?


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JoJo said...

I use my Pentax istD but am looking for a new camera. The sensor keeps getting dirty. I have a hard time shooting my jewelry and crafts. A FB friend said she was sending me a Nikon she had but has never used but I don't know if that will truly come about.