Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Are We a Nation of Idiots?

We must really be a nation of idiots.

I'm sure that in many ways we are, but I'm talking about the silly warnings that manufacturers have to put on their products. Warnings to prevent us from doing stupid things like ironing our clothes while wearing them, putting children or pets in clothes dryers, or blow-drying our hair in the shower. I'm sure you've seen either the labels or one of the articles with lists of them that are published every so often.

This just takes all the fun out of owning a sling-shot!

My own silly warning story? I had a duplicate key made the other day, and when they handed me the new key there was a paper attached to it. It said:
WARNING: Keys contain lead. May be harmful if eaten.
I have to wonder what in the world must have happened to make someone think that warning was necessary. As I said, a nation of...     Well, anyway---

For your amusement, I found a website where you can make your own silly warning labels. It is not necessary to sign up or give out any personal information. Just go there and play. Click on the picture below, and you will be instantly transported there. Like magic!
Try it. It is easy, and it's fun too!

See? Easy-peasy! I made one!

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summer said...

LOL the one that makes me laugh every time, is the warning on peanut butter... "may contain peanuts" hahaha REALLY? lol :) great post.