Friday, April 29, 2005

Ava speaks spanish!

So, all my efforts have not gone to waste. My little nieta (grand-daughter) said her first word in spanish today! She said 'hola', and she knows what it means because she was waving when she said it. YAY, YAY, YAY!

She isn't too good at pronouncing the letter L, she's only 8 months old, so it comes out more like oh-wah, but she is definitely speaking spanish.

She also understands a lot of spanish. When I'm feeding her and tell her to 'abre', she opens her mouth. If I say 'adios', she waves goodbye. If I say 'cuidado', she looks at me for more instruction of what to be careful about. I sing her bedtime lullabies in spanish, and she loves them. She hums along with my songs. At least someone likes my singing, hehe.

I had to e-mail all my friends in Mexico immediately, of course. I can be such a ninny sometimes about things, but it was exciting, to me at least.

Now, if I can only get her to call me Lita instead of mama.... ;)

Here is little "Poops-a-lot" herself, having fun on a sunny day

Have a great weekend, and remember Sunday is MayDay.


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