Thursday, May 05, 2005


Well, he's gone. Temporarily. My roommate, my friend, my partner.

He was offered a job for the summer at a golf club in Southampton, Long Island, and couldn't pass up the opportunity. He's a bartender, and summer in South Florida is not exactly the best time to make money.

So, off we went to Cingular to buy a second cellphone (MUST remember to mail in my rebate coupon!) and upgrade to the family plan so that we can talk to each other as much as we want. Then before we knew it, the day was here for him to leave.

He's been up there a couple of days now, and really likes it. The job is easy, he says, and his room is nice. He didn't realize how far it would be from civilization, though. ;) He says it's almost like being in a minimum security prison, because he flew up there, so has no car, and the closest place to go is about 15 miles away. Hmmm, so I guess you won't be walking to town, then? I'm sure he'll make friends and get rides to town. He's pretty likable.

He has his own Swedish maid. I'd like to have any kind of maid! Maybe that will be the first thing I do for myself when I go back to work.

On another topic, today is Cinco de Mayo, almost an all-american holiday. Only one state in Mexico actually celebrates it. Mexico's real Independence Day is Sept. 15. Now that day is a party not to be missed! Well, go have yourself a margarita or two today anyway. I am. It is a holiday of sorts here, right?

Happy day!


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