Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A rose by any other name...

I've been reading a really great blog lately, Waiter Rant .

I've made a few comments to the author at times, and I signed them the way I sign everything else, "Cat".

Imagine my surprise when I looked at the blog today, and found this note from another reader in the comments:

Someone has been posting comments with the name "Cat"
on them (like the one above dated "05.15.05 - 9:13 pm").
They are NOT being written by ME, so PLEASE IGNORE
them. From now on, anytime you see the name "Cat" at
the end of a comment, you all will know for a solid fact that
I DID NOT write it, as this will be the LAST time I leave a
comment on Waiter's fantastic blog. Not to say I'll stop
reading it, mind you, but I will never leave another
comment on any post, EVER.
By the way, imposter, I believe you meant to spell
"hottIE", not "hottY", as you have so ignorantly done... and
the REAL me would NEVER use more than one exclamation point.
...and with that, I bid you all a fond adieu, and ask you
with the name "Cat" on them, regardless of what they say.
Thank you.
Cat (the REAL one) | Email | Homepage | 05.17.05 - 2:49 am | #

At first I just laughed, and figured she must have had a bad day at work or something, but then I felt compelled to respond. I surely didn't want anyone to think that I was IMPERSONATING her every time I left a comment, so I thought I should explain that I would take a different name, and she could be the original "Cat" (by the way, I did not write "hottie" or "hotty". She was reading somebody else's comment incorrectly)

To the "real" Cat...Sorry that my mom named me Cathi
and has been calling me Cat all my life. I'm not really sure
what you're all bent out of shape about, you sound like the
lady lawyer now. I apologize, I didn't realize you had
exclusive rights to the name.

I'll just sign my comments 'Cat the imposter' from here on.
That way you can comment all you like, and nobody will
confuse me with you. I hope your day gets better.

(and by the way, if you had read the comment that you
mentioned correctly, you'd have seen that I did not write

Cat (the IMPOSTER) | Email | Homepage | 05.17.05 - 10:06 pm | #

I feel kind of bad for stooping down to her level, but I read Waiter Rant regularly, and like to comment on it occasionally.

I thought her rant was pretty funny though. :)))) I wonder where all that anger came from? And I do like to use more than one exclamation point sometimes, so she MUST be the "real one" !!!! (I used 4 that time!!)

Cat (the IMPOSTER) haha


Natasha said...

OhMiGod, this is so funny! That other Cat wrote me an email to say she was sorry that she didn't write that comment, and I responded thinking it was you that had the rant! I did suggest to her that it might be possible that there is another person named Cat. Maybe she didn't think of that.

Tammy said...

Let me start by saying I read your blog from time to time and really enjoy it.

That said...I went to 'Waiter Rant' and what can I say but WOW...what a great blog !! (I like exclamation points too...LOL)

I only had time to read 2 entries of his but I definitely will go back and read more.

As far as your response to the other Cat.....too funny !! You go girl !! And you didn't stoop to her level but you did put her in her place. Good for you !

Cat said...

I'm the one who wrote the comment on Waiter's blog about someone impersonating me, and I believe YOU are the one who read incorrectly. There IS a comment on Waiter's blog, dated May 15th, 9:13pm where someone claims to have seen Waiter's picture and calls him a "hotty". The person who wrote that comment was TODD VODKA, but he signed it "Cat" and attached MY BLOG'S URL to make it look like I had written it. This is his way of trying to get readers for his blog. HE is person I was addressing in the "ATTENTION" comment I left on Waiter's blog. If you had read my comment more carefully (because I SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED the comment he left), you would know that I was talking to him, not to you. I'm sorry you were confused, as you seem to be the only one who didn't know to whom I was referring.

Cat said...

Oh, jeesh. *sigh*

RealCat, when I received your apology via e-mail, I thought that was the end of this whole thing. I responded to you saying it was no problem and that I'd even gotten a chuckle out of it. I'd planned on writing a short blog today to say that the incident was a silly misunderstanding and that it had been dropped. Apparently, though, you have no intention of dropping it.

Don't you have more important things to focus on? Use all that energy for something productive!!

Happy day!

Cat ;))

Cat said...

Sorry, but I never got an e-mail from you. Not to mention the fact that you wrote your "A rose by any other name" post several days AFTER I sent you my apology. Natasha told me that you had posted something nasty to your blog (I then read that she was correct), and I responded accordingly. I don't see how that could be construde as me being the one to perpetuate this.

Sorry you seem to be taking this so seriously (and personally). Especially since, as I've stated several times, I was addressing someone else from the very beginning, and you merely misunderstood.

Perhaps, knowing now that the situation never really involved you in the first place, you can find more pressing matters to write about on your blog. Best of luck.

Cat said...
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Cat said...

like I said....JEESH!!!

I don't write about pressing matters on my blog, it's a lighthearted look at life.

I could rebut your untrue statements, but I'm already tired of this. If you really feel the need to continue, please take it to e-mail. Thanks!

Cat (the IMPOSTER)

Waiter said...

I like Cats.

Anonymous said...


(Not really -- our Cat, the one real and true Cat shows her graciousness and humor by allowing herself to be referred to as Cat the Imposter.)

How many Cats on the internet? How many Bobs? How many John's?

What was the name of that children's book by Wanda Gag? Millions of Cats!