Saturday, May 14, 2005

A slice of life

I broke a pair of glasses after only a month of owning them, so I took them to get fixed today.

me: Hi. I've only had these for a month, and the little nose thing came off already.
Dr: OK, so you need a screw then?
me: Umm, well, yeah, I guess so.
Dr: I mean, for the glasses. At this time. We'll put something in there to hold the nosepiece on.

Then, later in the afternoon, I called the toll-free phone number to renew the service contract on my appliances. The guy is probably answering the phone for ten different companies.

indian guy: Pride Appliances. (mumbles name) May I help you?
me: Yes. I'd like to renew my service contract.
indian guy: Whaat...?
me: For the next year. I'd like to pay for another year of service.
indian guy: Oh. You'll have to call back on Monday. We don't do that on the weekends.
me: OK, can I do it online?
indian guy: We don't have online services, ma'am.
me: You have a website, you know. The address is on my bill here.
indian guy: Oh. (pauses) Well, ok, you can look around then.
me: Alright, I will. Thanks a lot. (for what, I don't know)

Haha, the little things that happen as we go about our day. ;))

Have a great one!


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