Friday, May 06, 2005

I got my problem!!

Can you believe that I actually did receive a problem today? And it is one that might turn out to be an opportunity. A very small opportunity, kind of like an opportunity in disguise, but still, technically it is one.

It came in the mail, of all things. Well, it came by Fed-Ex. (do I have to say copyright?) And, no, it's not a bill. It was a letter that presented me me with some tough choices to make. In reality, it arrived yesterday, but I had put it aside, and then I got a phone call tonight (just in time to meet the deadline for today's horoscope...) that made me have to begin thinking about it.

Maybe there is something to that horoscope stuff, after all.

Or, maybe chances are that everyone will get at least one problem every day, HA!

I guess I had better go and start working on my problem!


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