Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This just in...

I guess Tara is trying to make a budget for herself, because she has to put Ava in daycare starting next week, and that is outrageously expensive. I found a piece of paper with her proposed budget on it. Now, remember, we are talking about a person who makes very little money, still lives with her mother because she can't afford to get an apartment and pays no rent.

The budget lists these expenses:
$360 month...daycare. OK, that's a fixed expense.
$200 for Ava. I'm not sure if Ava eats that much food, but maybe. OK
$127 month...braces. Hmmm...she doesn't have these braces yet, and I thought she had decided to put off getting them because she couldn't afford it. We'll discuss that.
$100 month...clothes. WHAT?????? If she can afford to spend $100 a month on clothes, I want to see some of that money in my pocket for rent! (so I can buy clothes!)

No mention of food for Tara, gas for her car, or diapers and wipes. Oh, and health insurance for Ava. Tara is covered at work.

Do you think Tara needs a little coaching in real-life here? I guess it's nice to be young and believe in the impossible, but at some point you have to know your limitations. We'll talk tonight.

Gotta love her, though. I wish I were young again. :)))


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Natasha said...

Natasha here - you know the other Mom that has to pay when she goes out for Mother's Day? It's so nice to know I am not the only one!!!

Checked out your blog - interesting that you picked the exact same template as me from the same blogger service.

I read a few of your entries and found them entertaining. I will continue to read on when I have more time.

There! You are now a published author with people reading your blog! Isn't that exciting?

(I love Waiterrant - I'm sure there will be a real book in the stores soon. The computer illiterate deserve to be entertained too!)