Thursday, May 26, 2005

For nerds only

I love watching Jeopardy, but I never thought I'd find it easy answering the questions (or should it be questioning the answers?).

For the last few weeks it's been the Ultimate Tournament of Champions, with very difficult categories, and these champs are all soooo smart. The three finalists were fairly young too. It's amazing how much trivia they know.

Last night I was only able to get two questions right. But then, maybe I shouldn't feel too bad about that. Ken Jennings didn't do very well that game either, so I was in good company, hehe. In fact, all three of them flubbed a bit. Maybe the two million dollars on the line made them a little nervous.

Tonight I was just rattling off the answers! (and getting them right!) They must have 'dumbed down' the show for us non-geniouses this time, now that they started playing regular games again. Probably to make us feel a little better, after showing us just how much we don't know over the last weeks.

The outcome of the tournament actually surprised me. For some reason, I thought Brad was going to take it all. None of the three made out too shabby though. The third place purse was a quarter million dollars. I could live with taking that prize home!

Yeah, just call me a nerd.

Oh, well, at least I wasn't watching American Idol.


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