Monday, November 28, 2005

Rain, rain, go away...

Finally, we've had a few sunny days, although as I write this it is raining again. But, I think at last we have enough layers of tarp and tape and gook on the roof because no water is coming in this time. YAY!

A FEMA adjuster came and looked at the house, but they said I'm not eligible for a grant because I have insurance, and I'm not eligible for a loan since I'm not working. Oh, well, at least they came over. My insurance company hasn't even done that yet, so everything is still a mess while I wait for them to come and look at the damage. I'm also waiting for the Homeowners Association to tell us when their insurance company will be replacing the roofs, so that I can schedule my inside work to be done after that.

It'll probably be the next hurricane season before I finish all the repairs from this one. Whose idea was it to move to Florida, anyway?



Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

I think it will take quite a while for the insurance to attend to your situation, seeing that there are also other casualties.

Cat said...

Yes, that is true, but since I have water pouring in my house, and a one-year old child living here, you'd think they'd make an effort.