Saturday, November 12, 2005

Just a quickie

Well, Wilma came and went. Lost my fence, my screened patio, and part of my roof. Only the roof is covered by insurance. Guess I will just live without a sreened patio for a while. ;-)

Also lost electricity, and phone service was intermittent. Good thing I had a trip to Mexico planned, finally got a hot shower in Oaxaca. Also made some good connections there to buy Mexican handicrafts at wholesale prices.

I will probably not update the blog again until I get home next week. I had planned to update often while I was here, but I am just having too much fun to sit at the internet cafe.

Mexico City is huge! It really makes me miss Buenavista. I am only three hours from there, I am very tempted to visit for a day, but I should take advantage of all there is to do in Mexico City while I am here. I will be back in Buenavista soon enough. (well, it is never soon enough, but I will be there soon....)

Hasta luego,


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