Sunday, October 23, 2005

In the homestretch

After four days of almost constant news coverage on every channel ("here we are Suzie, on location, with a live shot of the long gas lines"), and after the terrible devastion wrought in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, the arrival of Wilma here in Florida sometime tonight seems almost anti-climatic.

I don't want to become complacent though, as the hurricane now seems to be strengthening to a category 3, and who knows what other surprises she has in store for us?

So, all of my patio furniture and outdoor items are stuffed in my living room once again, we are prepared for the inevitable power outtage, and are getting ready to hunker down and wait for the storm.

I sure hope this is the last one this year. (I know Alpha is out there, but it is supposed to just head out to open seas)


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