Monday, October 03, 2005

Pics as promised

Just a couple of pics from Buenavista. I want to go back already. I'm homesick.

Here is the town just beginning to stir, very early in the morning.

This is me, Mami, and Papi in the kitchen/patio, where we usually have our mezcal and botanas (snacks), and some very interesting conversations.

And this is me and Belo, my mexican "brother", on Independence Day, which actually begins at 11:00 pm on the night before the holiday with entertainment, a speech, and fireworks. It then continues through the night with music and dancing, and then on through the next day with a parade and lots of parties. Gotta love a country that begins a holiday at 11:00 at night!!

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Lolita said...

Sorry to hear of all the spamming! What a nuissance.

Sounds like you had a lovely time in Buenavista - would love hear more!

grow-a-brain said...

nice photos...