Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Like father, like son

I don't know where the Bush family learned geography, but they all seem to have a very interesting view of it.

Speaking about Tropical Storm Wilma, Florida governor Jeb Bush said, "It's a volatile storm. The entire peninsula needs to keep it's eyes south and east."

OK, while he's looking to the east for the storm it'll hit him on his keister, since it is coming in from the Gulf of Mexico, which is to our west.




Lolita said...

Talk about DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's headed straight for Cozumel and Cancun now... :-(

Cat said...

I really feel for them. Have you seen the pictures coming out of there? I hope thay can at least partially re-build fairly quickly, so that those all-important tourist dollars can start rolling in to help the families with no other means of income.


Lolita said...

It's frightening how much damage that hurricane did to Cancun. I'm sure they can rebuild, but it's more difficult for them as the tourists won't be there to spend the all important dollar that keeps them in business for quite a while.

Hope you and your family stay safe, Cat. At least she's moving fast so you won't get the 36-hour pounding that Mexico got. Small comfort I know...