Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday, Wednesday

It's kind of a strange day. I'm excited, getting ready to open the store on Saturday, and busy, doing stuff. I'm also a little overwhelmed, it could be a very long while before I have a day off or vacation again. I'm a bit scared, to take this big step, but I'm anxious to get going, and see what lies ahead.

And I'm also feeling a little bit weepy and sentimental today. Who knows why? It's turning into a grey day outside. I watched a love-story/romance movie on TV this morning about two people who were very much in love and then suddenly drifted (can you "suddenly drift"?) out of each other's lives, neither really knowing the reason why. Of course they found each other, in the end. It reminded me of something, and then that got me to thinking about something else, and, well, now I'm in a strange kind of mood.

Ah, Wednesday. At least grey Wednesdays are good days for thinking, wouldn't you agree?


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