Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday, Wednesday

It's kind of a strange day. I'm excited, getting ready to open the store on Saturday, and busy, doing stuff. I'm also a little overwhelmed, it could be a very long while before I have a day off or vacation again. I'm a bit scared, to take this big step, but I'm anxious to get going, and see what lies ahead.

And I'm also feeling a little bit weepy and sentimental today. Who knows why? It's turning into a grey day outside. I watched a love-story/romance movie on TV this morning about two people who were very much in love and then suddenly drifted (can you "suddenly drift"?) out of each other's lives, neither really knowing the reason why. Of course they found each other, in the end. It reminded me of something, and then that got me to thinking about something else, and, well, now I'm in a strange kind of mood.

Ah, Wednesday. At least grey Wednesdays are good days for thinking, wouldn't you agree?


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Writing pays!

I didn't post for three weeks, and now you get three in one day. It's either all or nothing.

I got an "author's" check in the mail yesterday for my writing on my other blog at Know More Media. For $142.50!

I write about the ups and downs of starting a small business, and other business-related topics. It's fun, I've come to know some nice people, and I get paid! What could be better?

So, now you know why I haven't been posting a lot. Between posting there, getting the business going, and working on my web-design skills (I've become obsessed with it), I've been pretty busy.

Plus, they pay me to write. You don't.


Dancing Cactus news

I finally received the first shipment of my folkart from Mexico. I can't believe how long the stuff takes to get here! I'm going to have to make a restocking order before I even open the store, at this rate.

Everything was packed perfectly, though. Not one item broke.

And I sold two already! I was showing some of the items to my doctor (of all people!), who has been asking me for months if she can see them. She bought two pieces right on the spot, and said she'll definitely be coming to the shop to buy some more. Hopefully I'll have it open by April 1st.

I haven't even advertised my website yet, and it's getting traffic already. I need to finish getting it set up properly. I have someone coming over this weekend to help me with the final bits that I'm stuck on.

I can't wait for everything to be done so I can get started! The waiting is killing me.

Dallas. the movie

I might be giving away my age here, but I remember when Dallas was my favorite TV show. I don't even think I had a VCR back then, so I had to stay home glued to the television every Friday night.

I don't know if a movie can do the original justice, but I read that they're making one. John Travolta as JR? It's going to be tough living up to Larry Hagman's portrayal of the slick oil baron.