Thursday, May 12, 2011

Finally....A vacation!

I finally got to go on a trip. Thank heaven for credit cards, LOL. I didn't go to my beloved Mexico, but the one place that is even better.

I went to see my little mija in Seattle! She has really grown since I've seen her last, but she is still the same lovable little girl. We had so much fun together. Reading, playing games, beading together (she made her own peyote bracelet!), going to the park, out for ice cream, to an event at her school, and much more.

I really have to figure out a way to save up some money so that I can go see her again. In the meantime I will have to satisfy myself with phone calls and letters. *sigh*


P.S. - In typical "Cat fashion" nothing ever goes completely, if you can believe the first five minutes I was there I fell down in the airport and broke my shoulder. OUCH! Talk about pain! I was one-handed for my entire trip, and am still one-handed. It's really inconvenient, but the doc says it should be better in 4-6 weeks. Let's hope it's closer to four.

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