Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Notes From Mexico City

What a great trip! Even though I have 3 herniated discs in my back, so I was in lots of pain during the trip (seeing surgeon tomorrow), I still had a great time. I brought my heating pad and used it often.

I have a few notes, all unrelated, just things I observed and did during my trip.

  • I would never be able to drive in Mexico City. I don’t drive that well here in the US, LOL. There don’t seem to be any rules of the road. At least nobody ever seems to get pulled over for violating any. At one point, we were standing by a circle (or glorieta, whatever you call them). People were driving around it in both directions. I have no idea how they didn’t all hit each other. There are other intersections with no signs or lights, and it just seems to be whoever can get through fastest, goes. It’s crazy, and you have to be a bit of a maniac yourself to drive there.

  • The people everyplace we went were the nicest, most helpful people I have ever met in any country. Those who didn’t speak english struggled to understand my bad spanish, and we all made it through our conversations with a good laugh. Even people we met on the street tried their best to help answer our questions.

  • David found a casino there (he can find one anywhere, lol). He went there twice, and ended up winning 9000 pesos, about $650 US dollars. That was a nice highlight to our trip!

  • Xochimilco, an afternoon or evening boat ride, is one of the most fun things to do in Mexico City. If you visit, don’t miss it, and bring lots of friends if you can.

  • I haven’t been there for several years, but the city was much cleaner than the last time I was there. They are into recycling in a big way. Both the air and the streets were cleaner. There is no longer smoking allowed indoors anywhere.

  • The food was as good as ever! I couldn’t get enough of it.

  • We went to Chapaltepec Park. Plan on spending two days there. There is LOTS to do and see in this huge park.

  • Take a trip to Coyoacan on the weekend. Lots of street vendors, and the best ice cream in the world!

  • Also not to missed, the Frida Kahlo museum. Both her’s and Diego Rivera’s paintings are amazing, the history of their lives is interesting, and their studios are wonderful to see. Especially their very eclectic book collection.

  • We took a three day trip to my favorite little town in the world, Buenavista de Cuellar, which is so small you can walk from one end to the other. All of my friends there remembered me, and one offered us his house so that we didn’t have to stay in a hotel. I still want to move there one day. One day…

  • We rode the regular bus to Buenavista. The buses there are great, reasonably-priced, with large comfortable seats, bathrooms and TV. Nobody tried to board the bus and kidnap us or cut our heads off. Surprised smile We felt completely safe both inside and outside of Mexico City. Most of the stories you hear are greatly exaggerated. Just don’t go looking for drugs and you’ll be fine.

  • Speaking of bathrooms, I have always wondered (and this is a little gross), if you can’t flush 2 squares of toilet paper down the toilet (you put it in the trash bucket), then how does it manage to flush Number 2 without clogging?

  • I rediscovered Micheladas. Even though I don’t drink anymore, I had to make an exception for these. I had forgotten how good they are! And horchatas…non-alcoholic and a great drink. I found out you can even get them frozen.

  • I noticed a much increased police presence, both in cars and just walking on the street. Probably Mexico’s answer to our silly governments warnings against traveling there.

  • I’m sure there is lots I’m forgetting to say, so don’t be scared by reports of heads cut off and take a trip down there yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Edit to add: I forgot to say, we saw "Occupy Mexico". There was a small peaceful encampment in front of the Mexico City equivalent to Wall Street.

I also bought some interesting bracelets. I’ll do a separate post for those because it’s image heavy.

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