Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Storage



Look what my boyfriend put up for me yesterday!  Lots more storage!  My neighbor was giving away the pegboards, and we got a beginner set of hooks and storage stuff at Lowes.  Isn’t this cool?

I can hang everything up where I can see it easily, and get to it quickly.  He is so good to me.

Now I just need to see which hooks and accessories I use the most so that I can buy more of the ones I like.

And on the bottom right, you can see my current work in progress, a Czech tile bracelet which I will hopefully be finishing today and have pics to show soon.

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Therese's Treasures said...

I have been wanting to put a peg board up in my work area too. Yours looks really good and yes your boyfriend is very good to you and supportive. Looking forward to seeing your bracelet. After reading the BD post you made about the Czech tile beads, I found a online shop that sells them and ordered some I can not wait for them to get here. Enjoy your new peg board area.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!!! I would so love to have my own storage/workshop area. That looks awesome.

Halinka said...

Fine workplace!
It looks very sorted out now.The board over the desk is a very useful invention.You have got a good Boyfriend,who has made it for You.
Waiting anxiously for Your new bracelet:-)

Charters said...

Aha, it was your board and beautiful red bracelet I was admiring on OTTBS. I definitely think the extra work area space is having a positive effect.