Monday, February 06, 2012

Where’s My Muse?


Aaaack!  For days I’ve been playing around with my new Czech two-hole beads, trying to make a bracelet design.  Except nothing is working out.  Every design seems to look good in my head or on paper, and then when I start fiddling with the beads it just doesn’t look like what I’d imagined.  Or it doesn’t hold together firmly.  Or it looks like a design I’ve already seen.  I love these beads!  I want to make something with them so badly.

I guess I really only have a few choices.  Keep fiddling around and see if something useful comes out of it.  Move on to another project until my mind clears, and bring these beads out another day.  Buy a Tila project and work on it to get my juices started. 

I’ll probably end up doing all of those things.  Smile with tongue out   Right now I just feel desperate and frustrated.

What do you do when you want to use a particular bead or type of bead but it doesn’t want to cooperate?

Cat  Cat face


Halinka said...

I see,You have the problem.
I also had the similar moods in my beading time.I also feel angry,when something 'refuses cooperation' and goes contrary to my vision.I guess,I also have similar mood this time.I am making the complete set-the earrings,the bracelet and the pendant,inspired by the nature.I wanted to make something plantlike,but stylized and simplyfied.I do not know,if the final effect's going accordingly to my wish.Sometimes it's hard to achieve exactly,what we want.Many times I had just been about to finish a thing and then,something went wrong and spoiled it finally.What I do in such cases...hmmm...I put the beads back to the box,to be waiting for suitable moment,when the special idea comes to my mind and I can use them again.
Do not give up beading,but take another challenge.Your Muse will return in some days time and will be with You again.
Warm Hugs-Halinka-

KipperCat said...

Cat, have you looked at the company's FB page to see if they have any designs for these? If nothing else, it should give you some feel for how they function best. good luck with these - they are beautiful beads.