Saturday, January 21, 2012

Czech Two-Hole Beads


My local bead store finally ordered some of the new (non-Tila) two-hole Czech tile beads that I've been asking for!  They have about ten colors in right now, I only bought three, but I think I may go back and buy the rest.  They don't seem to be much cheaper than the Tilas, a 50-bead strand was $6.99, but they sure do look a lot sturdier!  You may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere, my bead store tends to be higher-priced than most, but it’s close to my house and great for instant gratification.

My biggest complaint about the Tila beads is how easily they chip.  These beads have thicker walls around the holes, and do not look as if they will chip like that.  I also like the rounded corners on them.

I haven't tried using them in a project yet as I have to finish my little box before I can start something else, but I can't wait to use them!  Here are a few pictures.

2-hole tile beads2-hole tile beads_2

Here is how they compare in thickness to a Tila bead.

next to Tilas

I must finish my little box as soon as possible so that I can start playing with these beads!

Cat Cat face

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Halinka said...

This is very remarkable about the Tila beads.I was just about to buy them,but to tell the truth-I saw some pieces of jewels made from them and I wasn't so positive about them.The Czech beads are more interesting.They have a ceramic look.I think,more fine things can be made with them.The colors are fine and not that boring,like Tila.You'll certainly make nice sets with them ,I'm sure of that.
I am very much excited to see more of Your beadweaved little box:-)
I am making a crystal bracelet now,in sapphyre colors.It's either difficult,or I have no patience-seems to me ugly.If I lose temper,I will spoil it all:-))