Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In Sickness and In Health


I found this picture on a Facebook page called Politics Nerd.  It makes me feel so sad. I don’t usually like to write anything about politics because it makes people act so divisive. (just click on the picture below and read some of the 1000+ comments on FB to see what I mean)  But it sums up why we need to find some way for Americans to have affordable health insurance that is not tied to what type of job they have or which company they work for.  And this hits close to home for me, though I don’t have cancer like this person, because I’m paying off some pretty large medical bills myself right now.  I have been unable to buy insurance due to the exorbitant cost and to pre-existing conditions, nor do I work for a large corporation where I would receive insurance as a benefit.  And I have also been told by a hospital that I could be stabilized and sent home, but not treated unless I paid up front.  So I understand completely what he is saying.

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Halina said...

Fine,You have found me on Blogger again:-)
It's good to have friends here:-)
Sad article.
I knew,how it is,when the healthcare collapses.I had had it in Poland,where I come from.There had been similarly for years,but afterwards came back to normal.I do not know,how it is now,but the press says,Poland deals really well with the crissis in all areas.
Cat-as YOu probably knew,I lived in Denmark,but recently,we decided to move out to Sweden.The moving out and arranging a new house took me some time and additionally,I wasn't happy with my old blog.You know-new life brings changes:-)That's why I have the new one,which YOu have luckily found:-),only about my beading.I was dreaming to have such one,where wouldn't be any 'mess'-a little of this-a little of that...only beading.
So,now I am Your follower again-You are also Welcomed to be mine as it used to be:-)
Warm Greetings from Sweden
staying in touch-Halinka-