Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Bead Boxes


bead boxes book

I’m going to attempt making one of the boxes from Julia Pretl’s little boxes book.  The 5-sided one, on the upper right on the book cover.  I’ve had this book forever, and haven’t used it yet, so now is the time.

I’m not worried about being able to make the basic box structure, that looks pretty straightforward.  I’m just wondering if I’m going to get confused at the top.  It looks like I have an older edition of the book.  I can see some errors in it, and the errata sheet on Julia’s website is for the new edition only. The instructions in this book leave a little to be desired, she must have written this edition before she really got a handle on writing tutorials.  Although sometimes when you’re just reading the pattern it looks confusing, but once you have needle and thread in hand it all comes together.  I hope that’s the case here.

I already overcame what is always my biggest hurdle - choosing colors.  I have the hardest time with that.  You’d think with all the beads I have that I could find three colors that I’d be happy with, but I had every bead tube from my stash out on the bed matching colors.  I finally came up with these:beads for box

But now I’m thinking there isn’t enough contrast between the two blues that I picked.  Ah, well, I have to make a trip to the bead store because I need to buy another tube of each of these anyway in order to have enough beads, so I’ll check out the other colors while I’m there.  I also want to buy a pretty lampwork bead for the top of the box.

Well, wish me luck.  I’ll post regular updates on my progress, unless it mysteriously turns into a UFO.  Alien

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Halinka said...

As You probably have realised-I also have that book and think of making one box,inspired on Julia Pretl's designs.Good idea,because-there's something new and can be useful for keeping the favorite earrings inside.Seems to be difficult,but I think,everyone beading should try even once.
Good luck-Happy Beading to YOu:-)

Cat said...

Halinka, it's not turning out to be as difficult as I thought it would. Of course, I haven't gotten to the really hard part yet, the rim. But you're a good beader, and I think you can do it.