Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Box Beginning


As promised, here is the beginning of the little box I’m making.  I really need to put more hours into it if I want to get it finished on time.  Yes, I have a deadline.  It’s just that once I get on the darn computer I go from here to there to somewhere else, and before I know it hours have passed.  Need to stay off computer!  Maybe the SOPA protest/blackout tomorrow will help.  Many websites will be blacked out for the day.

Anyway, I digress.  Here is what I have so far.  As you can see, I’ve completely changed my colorway.  No surprise, for me.  I can’t get the bead colors to come out right in the picture because I’m too lazy to walk downstairs to my photo cube, so I included pictures of the beads from Red Panda Beads that show the colors more accurately.  I like these colors.  They have a little of an antique feel, without being over the top.  They are all Delicas.  Black DB10, Matte Op. Golden Olive Luster DB371, and Matte Dk. Capri Blue DB798.  The blue is dyed, and I don’t really like to use dyed beads, but since it isn’t jewelry I think it will be okay.  Plus I fell in love with the color.

little box progress 1DB798DB371DB10


I’m using Nymo thread off the large spool, doubled.  I don’t like the way Nymo frays so quickly, but this box is thread intensive and Fireline is too expensive.  It’s working out well, as long as I use short lengths of thread.  Lots of threading in ends though, ugh.

I still want to get a lampwork bead for the top “handle” if I can find one at the store that matches the box.  If not, I’m going to use a black pearl, which is what I’m using for the feet.  If I have time, I’m going to also make a pair of earrings and put them inside the box when I gift it.

I’ll do another update when I’ve made some progress.

Cat Cat face


Halinka said...

The beginning looks very interesting.I think,the little box's going to be very nice.
Lots of work before You,but I do hope,You will finish it successfully.
Greets from snowy,but not very frosty Sweden-Halinka-

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Cat,
The little box is going to look very pretty when it is finished. I know the person that is going to receive the box with a pair of your beautiful earrings in side will be thrilled.