Friday, July 27, 2012

Someone is Following Me

OK, not really, or not literally.  I don't have a stalker.  But there is something unexplainable going on.

My daughter was having problems with her dog chewing things, so I searched for websites with information on how to stop that.  Almost immediately, I started getting spam emails from dog-training sites.

Now, I didn't sign up for anything or create an account on any of the websites I went to.  So, how did they get my email address to send the spam?  Even if just going to a website gives them my IP address, I still don't understand how they would get my email address from that.

Anyway, I found the information I needed and gave it to my daughter.  She is working with the dog on the chewing thing.

That's why I have cats.


1 comment:

KipperCat said...

Cats here, too! They tend to be easier than dogs, and make wonderful furry friends. I just enjoy other people's canine friends.