Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Dream Trip

Wouldn't you just love to see how all of those beads that use in your projects are made?  Or pay a visit to the Preciosa glass factory, and see more crystals than you've ever seen in one place in your life?

I would love to, and now there is a couple in the Czech Republic who are starting a company which will allow tourists to do just that!  Their names are Simi and Keith Dudman, their company is called Bananas 4 Beading, and their website is here. You can choose anywhere from a one- to a five-day tour, and since the company is so small, it sounds like they will allow you to customize your tour as much as is reasonably possible.  Their website contains descriptions of their standard tours and pricing, which includes your hotel stay and appears to be within reach of the average traveller.

I can't really "endorse" the company as I have never met them or taken one of their tours, but it sounds like a very interesting way to spend a few days if you are going to be in that area of the world anyway, so why not try them out?  I for sure would give them a chance to show me around!

Here is a picture of the couple from their website.  They look friendly to me. And they even give you their phone number so you can call and ask questions before you commit to anything.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot vouch for the tours as i have not been on one but i can vouch for the people, two lovely people.