Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Here Comes The Sun

Finally! A nice sunny day, with no wind! Only one, though. Still, I enjoyed it very much, and even on the overcast days, it isn't quite as cold as long as it isn't windy.

Last night we went out. I had on two pairs of socks under my shoes, and Ava was wearing sandals with bare feet! I guess it's all about the weather that one is used to.

There is a girl from Spain staying at the house for a year while she works on her English studies. She is very nice, her name is Andrea and she has been helping me practice my Spanish. Yay!

It is so funny how other countries see us from the outside. I have two little anecdotes...

I was reading Andrea' s English textbook. It has little blurbs in it about what to expect when you arrive in the United States. One of the blurbs says that the people in public areas here do not always say hello or acknowledge you, so you should not be offended if that happens. I guess we are seen as more 'stand-offish' than other countries?

We were driving in the car today and we pulled up behind one of those yellow public school buses. Andrea says "I love those buses. They are such a typical American thing." (like hot dogs and apple pie?) She said in Spain, the kids just take a regular public transit bus to school. It just seemed funny to me, a school bus being Americana.

We have attended two of our Halloween parties so far. I think I have eaten enough food to last me the whole time I am here. And we still have trick-or-treating tomorrow. Which Andrea is very excited about, by the way. She has never observed that particular custom before. Both Ava and I are going to be black kitties. I'm sure we will have fun.



JoJo said...

Are you still in Seattle? Happy Halloween!

Cat said...

Still here! I will be here until Tuesday.