Wednesday, March 09, 2005


No, not walking around the street asking people stupid questions (for those of you who are familiar with Jay Leno), although I do ask stupid questions at times also. Just some observations while walking around Seattle, where I happen to be visiting my sister right now.

Nobody jaywalks! In Florida we just cross the street whenever and wherever we want, hoping we don't get creamed by a senior citizen in a new cadillac. Here, everyone crosses at the corner and actually waits for the light to turn green. And turning cars actually stop for pedestrians! Amazing!

There really is a Starbucks on every corner.

They sell beers with 9% alcohol content! That's illegal in Florida. Florida even restricts the size of the bottle you can sell beer in. We have too many rules. But then that's our state motto - Things Are Different Here.

Every restaurant has at least one vegetarian and/or organic dish on the menu. The stores even sell organic dog food.

Speaking of dogs, the people here love their dogs with a passion. I'm sure some of these dogs live better than I do!

The people in Seattle are great! They are some of the nicest people I've come across.


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Wanda said...

heeee. they must have bootlegged some Canadian beer to have that kind of alcohol content.

In Calgary, we don't jaywalk (I used to do that until I got a ticket) Yes, you can be fined for JW in Calgary. and I have been :-(

So,now I cross at the corner. And save my Cdn pesos for beeeeeeeer