Thursday, March 24, 2005

Of fate and gates...

Poor little Ava suffered her first injury yesterday, and of course it was all my fault. Just call me Ms. Klutz.

We had re-arranged the bedrooms so that she had her own room, and I was putting a baby gate up in her doorway. Sounds simple, right? NOT!

I made sure I had it nice and tight so she couldn't push it over, then I was pushing the handle down to lock it in. Well, I didn't realize it, but she had crawled over and grabbed on to the gate, so while I'm pushing down on the handle as hard as I can, her fingers were stuck in between the two pieces of wood. Of course she starts screaming with a sound I never heard from her before. When I realized what I had done, I picked her up and her tiny fingers were all red and squished.

Tara comes running upstairs to find out what happened, and I'm trying to explain as calmly as possible while at the same time holding Ava and twirling around in a futile attempt to keep Ava's fingers out of Tara's sight. When she saw them, she starts screaming, crying, and yelling that we have to go to the doctor.

Tara grabbed Ava right out of my arms, as if I had done it on purpose. I finally got them both calmed down, we got some ice for Ava's fingers, and I gave her a popsicle (the magic medicine), even though I had to hold it for her because she wouldn't use her injured hand. After about 10 minutes I walked upstairs to see how they were doing, and Ava gave me the biggest smile and put out her arms to be held by me. That made me feel sooo good! At least she didn't blame me.

Her fingers are fine, no damage was really done, but I'm sure it hurt like hell when it happened. I'll have to be more aware from now on. I forgot how fast (and quietly!) those little kids can move.

Now Tara has asked me to babysit last night and tonight. Think she considers it some kind of penance? I don't mind, though. I even kind of like it when she wakes up in the middle of the night and we sit in the rocker together until she falls back to sleep. ;)


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Jos said...

Hey Cat,

Como estas? I miss you, dearly. Call me or email me soon.