Saturday, December 10, 2005

Drunken Rabbits?

Well, now that the cat's out of the proverbial bag about my starting a small business, I may as well blog occasionally about how things are going with that.

I still don't have a name. I've become attached to Drunken Rabbits Imports, because of the whimsical nature, and because it seems that every time we begin brainstorming business ideas, we come up with more of them under this name than under any other. The downside of the name is that it doesn't say much about the business except that I will be importing something. I could add the word Mexican.....Drunken Rabbits Mexican Imports.

Half the people I ask love the name, the other half think it's dumb. I've always been one to ask all my friends for advice about something, and then do exactly the opposite of what they say, so chances are I'll go with that name. I do have one or two others on the back burner, just in case I change my mind.

I signed up for a Small Business Administration class on "The Basics of Importing and Exporting", so I will take that (next week) before I begin contacting customs brokers. Hopefully I will learn in the class how to choose a good one, and exactly how much I can expect them to do for me. If not, I will be asking the instructor after class how to locate that information.

Also, I took a survey on the SBA site, and I won a prize! A $30 gift certificate towards any paid classes the SBA offers. Most are free, but some do cost money, so this is great!



DD said...


Drunken Rabbit Mexican Imports sounds okay to me. Keeping on with the rabbit(s) theme, here are a few more possibilities:

Rabbits Borachos Mexican Imports

Conejos Borachos Mexican Imports (nah - too easy to mistake for Cojones, bad!)

Dancing Rabbit(s) Mexican Imports

Singing Rabbit(s) Mexican Imports

Waltzing Rabbit(s) Mexican Imports

For some reason, a Singing Rabbit intrigues me the most! This is kind of fun, wish I had more time to ponder. Got to get back to work!


Cat said...

Thanks, Dee. Dancing Rabbits...I like it!