Friday, December 02, 2005

Leapin' lizards!

Why do cats think that bring home dead, or half-dead, animals makes their owners happy?

Today it was a big lizard, right on my doorstep. If it had been dark when I opened the door, I would have stepped on the thing. It was still alive, so I threw it out on the grass, in the hopes that maybe it was just stunned and it'll be OK.

Booger just keeps bringing these things home, dropping them proudly in front of me, as if it were a grand gift of some kind. I really don't have any use for dead snakes or lizards though. They're better to have around alive, since they both eat other pests.

Guess we'll have to get her a bell to wear. That might give the animals a chance to get away before she gets close enough to them to do any harm.


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