Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Belt or Necklace?

I'm going through all my unfinished projects to see what I can finish, and which ones I should just take apart and use the beads for another project. I found this Russian Spiral that I originally planned to make into a belt for a black dress that I was wearing to an event. It's actually black and gold, but the picture made the gold beads look silver.

I didn't finish it in time for the event, so it's just been languishing in my project box. As you can see, I haven't even weaved my thread ends in yet. I think I may just add a clasp to it and make it a long necklace. I might even have to pull some of it out, because as it is, it would be a VERY long necklace. I had bought a buch of different shaped black and gold Swarovski's to use as ends on the belt, so maybe I can use them to make some kind of pendant for the necklace.

I started the peyote clasp for my pink and pearl bracelet. I made the toggle, but after I made the ring I didn't like it and I pulled it apart. I'll have to try making it again today.



Pak job Ads said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Cat! That is really pretty! I personally would do one of two things with this long rope, and Russian Spiral (my favorite stitch) is perfect for both. 1) Make some big beaded beads and attach to both ends and wear as a Lariat. or 2) add a clasp to the ends, and find a paper for a decorative chinese knot and the tie the knot in the center. The Russian Spiral has the perfect flexibility for this and it will shorten the rope up considerably! You must show us what you come up with!!