Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have an idea!

Yay! I have an idea! An idea for a project, that is. Actually I thought of it a couple of weeks ago. But then when I tried to convert it from brain to beads, it didn't work, and I just got frustrated and ripped it all apart, and that was the end of that. So, with all my complaining over the past few days, I realized that the reason I haven't "designed" anything is because I was too impatient with myself.

I guess I expected to get an idea and then just bead it up exactly on the first try. It's looking like I might have to make ten or twenty or even more tries before I get this thing to look anything like what I'm envisioning in my head. So, now that I'm accepting of that, I'm just glad that I have a lot of cheap thread on hand to practice with. ;-)) And each time that I bead it up and take it apart, I'm learning a little bit more about what will and what won't work.

Now, instead of feeling like a failure each time it doesn't look like what I want and giving up, I just try again using the methods that worked and discarding the ones that didn't. And I remember not to use my good thread.

One of these days, I may even have a final product to show you.



Anonymous said...

LOL you sound like me, I use my cheap beads and worst thread for practicing!! Can't wait to see what you design.

I think I even had an idea too!

Halinka said...

I'll be trying to motivate and enchant You for further beading :-)
You seem to be very talented at it.I looked back Your blog and I like those things You've made so far.
Do not give up.It happens sometimes,that despite hard tries,it is hard to create,even if we thought the project over in details.
Maybe You should try to bead more spontaneously...? Such...straight from Your Heart!
:-)Bead,how You feel,expressing Yourself in colors and textures.
But...seriously : watch a lot,read a lot,observe,what others make-it is very important.Also take,how much You can from the surrounding nature-I mean-the nature can be the perfect inspiration for all art creations.
I also feel the 'holes' in my mind sometimes.In a rule,I take too difficult tasks and then I feel it tiring and hard to make.
I do hope,You'll deal with the next interesting project:-)
Happy Beading to You! :-)
Greets from Denmark-Halinka-

Cat said...

Thank you Halinka!