Tuesday, July 05, 2011

New bracelet and OTTBS

I seem to have a problem with finishing things. I just made the netted bracelet from the latest issue of Bead and Button magazine, and now I don't know what to do about a clasp.

A toggle clasp just doesn't seem right for this beautiful bracelet, although I'm thinking that if I make a peyote toggle I can add some pearls to the toggle and that would work better. The picture in the magazine shows it with a magnetic clasp, but this is a heavy bracelet, and I don't think a magnetic clasp would hold very well.

I thought it would be a complicated project, but I finished it in one day, so that wasn't too bad.

So, for now, it's on my bead board just waiting for the perfect finish.

I was also thinking about participating in the "Operation Tackle That Bead Stash" challenge this month, but the colors are oranges. I've gathered up all my orange beads trying to come up with ideas, but all I can think of is Halloween. Every orange bead I have (and, why oh why do I have so many?) is bright, very bright, and none of the colors I've tried to pair them with are toning them down. Believe me, if I try to make a piece of jewelry, nobody would wear these colors.

They don't look quite so bad in this picture thanks to my horrendous photography skills, colors never come out right, but believe me, they are orangy (is that a word?). Plus, they are all size 15's (hex's no less!), except the gold-lined size 11's on the right and of course the crystals.

So, maybe I will or maybe I won't participate. But either way I've got to find things to do with the beads I already own, however ugly they may be or what the hell was in my mind when I bought them, because I have no money for new stash beads. Yeah, I know, boo-hoo and tiny violin. Anyone need a babysitter?


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