Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Little Piglet Brick Stitch Pattern - Free

I was looking for some graph paper the other day in the organized chaos that I call my craft area.  I wanted to graph some peyote patterns for the beaded beads that I’m making. (yes, I still do it all by hand, on paper)  When I found the graph paper there were some older patterns on there that I had drawn long ago.
I can’t remember why, but for some reason one of my daughters had wanted a little piggie, and I still have the graph, so I’m sharing him with you. Keep in mind, this is from when I first started beading, so it’s a very simple pattern of a piglet on a diamond-shaped background.  I think she used it as a decoration on top of a little box she had in her room.
It’s done in brick stitch.  Start at the middle row and make a ladder stitch going across.  Then brick stitch your way up to the top, decreasing one stitch on each side as you go.  If you want it to be a pendant, when you get to the top add a little circle of beads, by coming up out of the top bead.  Pick up about 7 beads or so, depending on the size, and then go back down into the top bead.  You may want to go through these beads a few times for strength.  Weave in your thread and cut.
Now go back to the ladder row and weave in a new thread. Then work your way down to the bottom in the same way as you did the top.  It may help to turn the pattern upside down for this second half.
Here is a link to some basic brick stitch instructions if you have never done this stitch before.  There are many free brick stitch tutorials on the internet, but I picked this one because it shows you how to do the edge decreases.
I used pink, light pink, white, and black beads, but you can use any colors you choose. 
Diamond Piglet
Thanks to Easy Bead Patterns for giving away free the program that allowed me to graph the pattern on the computer and make a jpg out of it so that I could share it.  If you also want to share this pattern, that’s okay, but I’d really appreciate it if you would please link back to my blog.
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