Sunday, December 11, 2011



I’m in withdrawal!  Beady withdrawal, that is.  I haven’t been able to bead except for a few minutes at a time, and I have so many projects going on right now that I want to get done.  So I’ve been drawing some peyote graphs with designs for my beaded beads.  That helps a little, but I want to bead them up!  And I still have to finish my daughter’s rock, work on a bracelet that I started, I still haven’t finished the wine bottle for my friend, and I have wire designs that I want to get to, and many earrings in my head.

And I’ve been a crab to everyone around me.  I feel bad, and I keep apologizing, but pain makes me crabby, and beading relaxes me.

I’ve been going for therapy every day this week.  No results yet, but hopefully I will start feeling better soon.  First they relax my muscles with a heating pad for a few minutes.  Next I get a little massage with an electronic wand.  Then I lay on a table and they lock this device around my neck (cough, cough).  It uses traction to create space between my vertebrae so that hopefully the herniated disc will move back where it’s supposed to be and I will be pain-free.  Each day the time on the table increases by one minute and the traction weight increases by one pound.  It’s not so bad, because at the same time the table is massaging my whole back.  That part feels good.  Then I put ice on it for half an hour, and then “see ya tomorrow!”

I really, really hope this works!  I will just think positive about it and wish for the best.

Have a great weekend!


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