Monday, October 29, 2012

Quickie Bracelet

Now that I've finally finished my Little Box (remember, book review on Nov. 6), I've been playing around with the rest of my beads.  I picked up a tutorial for a cute bracelet at my local bead shop, and made it in just a couple of hours.

It's just a row of 8-bead right angle weave made with 15's, long enough to fit your wrist.  Then you embellish it on both sides with size 11 seeds, and it naturally twists into a thin round bracelet.  I used gold seeds for this one, but I want to try lots of other colors, and also make some multi-strand bracelets with this method.  I can also break out my 2mm Swarovski crystals and embellish with those.  Ooooooo...sparkles!

How do like my new "artsy" picture style?  I like it because I found that with more than just the white in the background, the colors in my beadwork show up more as their true colors.  Also, I don't have to do as much editing to my picture afterward to get it to look right.

Hope you're having a great day!



Halinka said...

I used to make the ropes to my pendants the very similar way-on one row of the right angle stitch.I like the work,as it is not tiring and gives really nice effects.On such row of the right angle,You can put whatever You want for the embellishment and it twists by itself and creates the round rope.
Your bracelet is very nice in gold.
Warm Greetings-Halinka-

LUCY said...