Monday, November 05, 2012

Trying Something New

I don't work a lot with strung projects, but I was in the local bead store the other day and this little box of mixed beads just called out to me.  I loved the colors of the beads and the freshwater pearls.  Here is a picture of the beads after I dumped them out of their little plastic box.

After playing around with them for awhile, I came up with this arrangement.  I thought I night put the drop strands on a curved piece of wire, with some seed beads separating the drops, and attach the wire on each end to stringing wire.  Then I would string the rest of the strand on each side, adding some beads from my stash to fill it out.  I have some pretty light jade colored rounds I can add and I'd use crystals and silver seed beads to round it out.

I'm not completely happy with it, so I'll probably try a few more ideas before I actually start stringing.  Anyone have any other ideas, or any comment on this arrangement?

I also have to think of a project for the November OTTBS challenge, and I have to make something from Carol Wilcox's The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving for the Bead, Book, and Bounce challenge.  Lots to do, and so little time!  I also want to make some more jewelry for sale so that I can fill up my ArtFire store, it looks so empty. :(



Halinka said...

The beads are fine,nice shapes and colors.They have the specific mood and I can say-they are 'talking to me' a little.They 'said',I'd add some dark brown and 'rotten' green seed beads,would exclude those crystals,because they firmly do not fit here,would connect them to some sweetwater pearls-gold,or brown,or lighter green and play with it all,to compose a fine,light in expression necklace.
What do You say to my idea?


Cat said...

The crystals came in the kit, so I was trying to use them. I have more of the same color I can add on the strands.

Your ideas sound good, and you definitely have a better design eye than me! I think I have some gold pearls, but they are round glass pearls. I'm trying mot to buy anything else. I also have some light green jade rounds that I was going to try to add in there. I'll try the brown seed beads and see how that looks.

Thanks for your ideas!