Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A-to-Z April Challenge

I tripped over a blog on the internet devoted to an annual blog-hop called the A-to-Z April Challenge.  For the month of April you write one blog post each day, except Sundays, using the letters of the alphabet to choose your topics.  So April 1st would be A and April 30th would be Z.

I don't usually blog on a regular schedule, but I want to do this.  It sounds interesting, do-able (posts don't have to be long), and I might find some good blogs to read from the other participants.  I may not be able to think of a beady topic for every letter, but I'm going to try.  If I stray off-topic once in awhile, that might be fun too!

Wish me luck!  Now, I just need to think of something that starts with "A"...  ;)

Does anyone else want to do this with me?  You can head on over to the official A-to-Z blog and add yourself to their linky list.


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